Opting out of Overdraft Protection, Finally the Feds are doing something right

According to the Associated Press, on July 1st the government will require that banks allow customers to opt out of overdraft protection for debit/credit transactions. This is something I’ve wanted for my dad for ages now, and I think it will help him out greatly. Basically any transaction he attempts to put through with his […]

Greening your Finances

I was having a conversation with co-workers yesterday on the gradual disappearance of checks. For most people, whipping out a credit/debit card is easier and faster. Personally I don’t think I’ve written a check in almost 2 years because I use ING and they’ll first attempt to send the transaction electronically -then- they’ll mail a […]

The Value of Planning

On my personal blog, I made a post recently that discusses the Value of Planning. Here is an excerpt: In addition to unexpected expenses, how about things you know are going to happen eventually? If you knew it was something that was going to happen, there’s no excuse not to prepare for it. Right now […]

Understanding How Credit Works

The Consumerism Commentary, (one of the many financial blogs I frequent) recently posted an article about The Components of your FICO Credit Score. As you can see, the main stickler for helping out your credit is making all your payments on time. It helps to incorporate the mindset that I have adopted over the last […]

Looking Glass: Choosing a Credit Card

An article on Sound Money Tips reads: LowCards.com is a great online resource to compare your current rate and rewards with other cards. It’s also a good resource for comparing offers you receive in the mail. It ranks and reviews credit cards and explains the fees and terms found in the fine print. They have […]