Greening up Christmas: Gifts

Following suite of my article Greening up Christmas: Paper Waste, I figured it’d be fun to evaluate other methods to make Christmas greener this year. Lets take a look at gifts. Home-made gifts are always the way to go for Christmas. I make a mean cherry brownie with home-made cherry chocolate ganache. I’ve seen other […]

Looking Glass: An Eco-Friendly Halloween

2 years ago I wrote an article on A Fair Trade Halloween that gave ideas for making your holiday a little more eco-friendly. Other Articles around the Web Nature Moms gives a big list of eco-candy, gift, and costume ideas. Kiwi Magazine talks about eco-friendly halloween crafts. Inhabitots discusses eco-friendly costume ideas and where to […]

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

I am in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. Snow will be coming soon, and the glare of the sun off of so much white can be killer when driving to and from work. However I am not interested in contributing to the unethical waste of plastic or metal sunglasses, that almost all […]

4 Ways for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

1. Biodiversity. 99 percent of the turkey eaten in the U.S. comes from a single breed. Choosing alternative “heritage” turkeys helps to preserve biodiversity and supports sustainable farming methods. Order one online at 2. Buy Local Obviously it is always recommended to buy local. There are many farmers that raise turkeys and will even […]

Green Your Communte

Keep your environmental impact in check by logging on to,