Reformatting the Site

We are going to be working on reformatting the site a bit.  The focus will be mostly the same, but we want to present it in a more professional and “down-to-earth” manner.

Look for some updates soon 🙂

Understanding How Credit Works

The Consumerism Commentary, (one of the many financial blogs I frequent) recently posted an article about The Components of your FICO Credit Score.


As you can see, the main stickler for helping out your credit is making all your payments on time. It helps to incorporate the mindset that I have adopted over the last year or so in that I pay all my bills and myself first, then figuring everything else out later. Before everything else, including groceries, festivals, etc, I make sure my bills are taken care of, and that I have put something away into savings, and this has worked out quite well. It has also instilled in me the value of frugality.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand how credit (or even their own personal finances) works, and surprisingly I used to be in the same boat when I was married. I chock that up to being young and stupid.

When I left my husband, my credit score was 525. Granted that’s somewhere “in the middle” but the reality is, to people looking at your credit, that’s awful. I couldn’t get approved for anything, and I certainly wasn’t going to get approved for a car loan at that point.

Since then however, I’ve been slowly hacking away at my credit, and last I checked it was close to if not 700 or more. And being over 700 is right where you want to be.

I got my start with Capital One, which approved me for a meager $250 credit card a few years ago. I slowly worked up my credit, have an increase to $500 on that particular card, and was approved for another one with my military insurance for $5,500. After building up my credit with both of those cards, I was finally approved for an auto loan and now have my lovely mustang, and my very first new car. All it takes is time, regular payments, and understanding that buying things on credit is never a good idea. I do not buy anything unless I have the money to pay for it. If I don’t, it takes a lot of convincing for me to even consider it.

There are several agencies that claim that they will give you a free credit report. I used one called once, and while detailed and very use-friendly, it was also a scam, because it wasn’t actually free. And they also enroll you in a $12.95/month credit monitoring service.

Your best bet is to check your credit once a year at, which will check with all 3 major agencies, and it -is- absolutely free.

My next step will be my first mortgage in the next year or two. By then my car should be paid off completely (if not sooner).

And remember, you are never too poor to fix your finances, and make sure you don’t commit the 10 most common mistakes when dealing with credit.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

I am in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. Snow will be coming soon, and the glare of the sun off of so much white can be killer when driving to and from work.

However I am not interested in contributing to the unethical waste of plastic or metal sunglasses, that almost all seem to be prone to.

iWood Wooden Sunglasses |

I did discover iWood Eco-Friendly Wooden Sunglasses which actually look pretty snazzy. However, at $350 a pop, they are certainly out of my budget, as well as most consumers I would imagine. Disappointing.

Despite the fact I would love to have wooden sunglasses, I did run across Equation LLC. which claims to have 100% recycled and reconditioned sunglasses, and at a much more reasonable price. So until a sane manufacturer creates a set of wooden sunglasses for normal consumers, no wooden sunglasses for me.

4 Ways for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

1. Biodiversity. 99 percent of the turkey eaten in the U.S. comes from a single breed. Choosing alternative “heritage” turkeys helps to preserve biodiversity and supports sustainable farming methods. Order one online at

2. Buy Local Obviously it is always recommended to buy local. There are many farmers that raise turkeys and will even kill and cut them up fresh for you (my uncle is one of them). Raising and killing our own turkey’s has been a family tradition of mine since I was born. So I always know where my turkey comes from each holiday.

3. Avoid or Prepare for Holiday Travel. If you don’t have to travel, don’t. If you do have to travel, prepare your vehicle to be as sufficient as possible by checking the tire pressure, carpool as much as possible. And if flying, purchase carbon credits to offset the pollution you will be creating.

4. Buy Organic. Why not make all of your dishes this year from organic and wholesome foods? Treat your family this year by making sure there are no chemicals or processed foods on your thanksgiving table.

Naturally Fight Against Poison Ivy

Due to my recent camping trip, and my generous donation of poison ivy on various parts of my body, I have decided to do a bit of research on it and figured I’d share it here along with some environmentally save alternatives to herbicides and other dangerous chemicals.

Some safe alternatives to remove poison ivy from your land:
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