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Looking Glass: An Eco-Friendly Halloween

2 years ago I wrote an article on A Fair Trade Halloween that gave ideas for making your holiday a little more eco-friendly. Other Articles around the Web Nature Moms gives a big list of eco-candy, gift, and costume ideas. Kiwi Magazine talks about eco-friendly halloween crafts. Inhabitots discusses eco-friendly costume ideas and where to […]

Looking Glass: Choosing a Credit Card

An article on Sound Money Tips reads: is a great online resource to compare your current rate and rewards with other cards. It’s also a good resource for comparing offers you receive in the mail. It ranks and reviews credit cards and explains the fees and terms found in the fine print. They have […]

Looking Glass: Eco-Friendly Halloween

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Looking Glass: Starting up a Roth IRA

I’ve been mulling over and over the last 6 months about where to open a Roth IRA. I finally decided on T.Rowe Price because they do not have a minimum deposit requirement as long as you sign up for their Automatic Asset Builder Account (Otherwise it is just $1,000). They do charge a $10 fee […]