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Where online shoppers can shop green – I use this site regularly for my supplements and beauty care products. They offer a great variety of organic and chemical free items at a very reasonable price. In comparison, I had purchased an ounce of tea tree oil from them for under $8, where on it was listed as 1/2 ounce […]

Great Eco-Geek Gifts for this Holiday Season

Looking for a great gift for your environmentally conscious geek? Well, we have gathered some products that just may be your answer. #1 USBCell AA Batteries Taking rechargeable batteries to a whole new level. Simply flip back the cap and plug these into any powered USB port to recharge them. A great alternative to disposable […]

Digital Feng Shui – Getting rid of Paper Clutter and Helping Time Management

If you’re like me, the majority of your clutter is paper. For me, it’s all kinds of paper clutter that causes me the most stress and creates havoc in my living space. From receipts to be documented, magazine subscriptions, to post-it notes I’ve plastered everywhere with reminders and ideas. Even having to keep track of […]

Do you love your neighbor?

I ran across a site called today that apparently lets you place pinned notes on a replicated Google Map, giving people insight on a neighborhood. It sounds like an ideal benefit for deciding where you want to move and what type of neighbors you have. However, after browsing some locals here in Maryland, I’ve […]

Mozilla Releases InstantBird

Mozilla recently hopped over into the instant messenger business with InstantBird. Though still slightly buggy, InstantBird is an open-source instant messaging program that allows you to incorporate most major instant messaging programs into one. This includes AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, GTalk, Windows Live Instant Messenger, and I’m sure more to come. It used the same code […]