Earth-Byte is a project blog created by Angelo and Crystal about (to place it in one word) technogaianism. The marriage between the environment and technology, and what we as consumers can do to remain “Web 2.0” while still caring for the earth.

Angelo is a 28 year old Network Administrator from Texas working with a financial institution, and working towards all of his Microsoft Certifications.

Crystal is a 29 year old Associate Web Developer from Maryland working for Enforme Interactive as their sole html/css guru, while diving into several different programming languages. Namely .NET, javascript, ASP Classic, and hopefully PHP.

Both are avid environmentally conscience people, always looking for new ideas and technologies that are beneficial to the environment as well as easy to implement for the average consumer.

We hope to post product reviews, simple financial ideas and tips, productivity and lifehacking inspirations, and of course, eco-technology.

Much of the purpose behind this blog was fueled by Crystal’s desire to pay off her disabled fathers medical bills.  The goal is to have them all paid off by the summer of 2010 using revenue from this website.

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